Paying for Therapy


What Does Therapy Cost? (With Tips to Help You Pay Less)
The Best Therapy for Your Budget: Strategies We Recommend
How to Pay for Therapy: Your Options (Including Free Therapy)
Free and Low-Cost Marriage Counseling for Veterans
Free and Low-Cost Counseling for Veterans: VA and Non-Profit Options
What Is an EAP (Employee Assistance Program)? How Private Is It?
University Counseling Centers: Pros and Cons to Consider
Sliding Scale Therapy: Our Guide to Getting Affordable Care
Is My Therapist Only in It for the Money? (How to Tell)
How Do I Ask My Therapist for a Reduced Fee? (3 Rules)
How to Fight Back When Insurance Denies a Therapy Claim
Does Insurance Cover Therapy? 6 Ways to Make Them Pay
5 Steps to Find The RIGHT In-Network Therapist
Thinking of Seeing an Out-of-Network Therapist? Read This First!
US State Sponsored Therapy: A Guide From The Experts


Community Counseling Agencies

Negotiating Fees with Your Therapist

Trainee Therapists

Faith Based Counseling

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