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Suicide & Crisis Lines

Tanzania Police
(255) 22 2117362
Dar es Salaam
(255) 27 2503641
(255) 27 2755055
(255) 24 2235669

Please call the number corresponding to your location.

Tanzanian Ambulance Service
(255) 754 760790
Dar es Salaam
(255) 27 2701121

Please call the number corresponding to your location.

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Alcohol & Substance Abuse

IOGT NTO Movement East Africa 
(255) 22 266 6096
Supporting the struggle for restrictive alcohol policies in East Africa in order to minimize the harmful use of alcohol but also to support initiatives to prevent alcohol utilization.

New Age Foundation 
(255) 272 646 933
(255) 713 244 967
A TANGA based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), formerly known as Tanga Youth Development Association (TAYODEA)

Domestic & Sexual Violence

Courage Worldwide 
(888) 373 7888
A therapeutic home for females rescued from sex trafficking.

Tanzania Legal Aid Association (TANLAP) 
(255) 22 2761806
(255) 746 237 265
Tanzania Network of Legal Aid Providers (TANLAP) is an umbrella national network working in legal sector. It is a membership network comprising Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community –Based Organizations (CBOs), Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) and other institutions providing legal aid in Tanzania

Tanzania Women Lawyers Association (TAWLA) 
(255) 222 862865
Head Office
(255) 762 973 419
(255) 719 481 794
(255) 756 330 323
(225) 715 898 900
(255) 652 392 999

To collaborate with relevant stakeholders in creating a conducive legal and policy environment, providing diverse platforms on sectoral reform and access to justice through legal aid services, advocacy, awareness raising, strategic litigation, research and publications on issues affecting Women and Children.

Women’s Legal Aid Centre (WLAC) Helpline 
0800 780100
A non-profit NGO that works to empower women to attain their rights and to improve vulnerable population’s access to justice across Tanzania.

Mental Health Conditions & Family Support

Action for Children in Conflict Tanzania (AfCiC) 
Every child has a right to be protected, grow healthily and have access to education. Unfortunately, children living in countries that experience a lot of conflicts are deprived of these resources. Such children do not get the chance to access proper education; hence when fully grown they struggle to take care of themselves. This is the reason why Action for Children in Conflict has risen to fight for the well-being of these children.

CBM (formerly Christian Blind Mission) 
CBM is the world’s leading organization tackling mental health and disability across developing countries.

Counselling and Family Life Organization (CAFLO) 
(255) 754 833145
(255) 717 977370
(255) 787 889981
Counselling And Family Life Organization (CAFLO) empowers families and individuals to develop their communities at the grass roots level.

Kilimanjaro Childlight Foundation (KCF) 
(255) 754 200 595
Kilimanjaro Childlight Foundation (KCF) is a non-governmental outreach organization that aims to improve the lives of Tanzania’s disadvantaged and vulnerable children who live and study in conditions of poverty and are unable to receive proper education and health services

Mental Health Association of Tanzania 
(255) 757 528 295
Mental Health Association of Tanzania is a professional organization representing Mental Health in Tanzania. The organization has a long History of supporting Mental Health services in the Country. MEHATA has an increase number of members who are researchers, educators, clinicians, consultants and students.

Safina Widows & Child Care Foundation 
(255) 787 709 225
(255) 737 226459
We are an organization focusing on the care and well-being of widows and under-privileged children.

Youth & Parenting

Child Helpline Tanzania
116 (Toll Free)
Responds to children in need of care and protection through free telephone number 116 AND voice their concerns to policy and decision-makers thro’ phone #116 in Tanzania. 116 is free service available across all networks in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.

CR HOPE Foundation 
(255) 767 479 715
The CR HOPE Foundation is a charity, not-for-profit organization launched in 2017 with the sole objective of providing quality education to children and youth in Zanzibar, Tanzania, thus fighting against poverty in the region

Hope & Wonder 
(255) 656 387 666
Non-profit for disabled Tanzanian children

Shalom Orphanage Centre 
Non-profit entity for orphaned and abandoned children

The Nuru Trust (Huruma Children’s Centre) 
(255) 766-571-192 Francesca
(255) 766-571-192 Maximillian
TNT is committed to the care, welfare and educational achievement of children and youth within its residential and educational programs

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