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24/7 Unified Emergency Services

Psychological Counseling Contact Center

Emergency Office of Deaths

Flying Ambulance

Criminal Investigation

Police Helpline

Red Crescent

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Aids / Sexual Health

National AIDS Programme
971 50 6624994
Ministry of Health, PO Box 994, Sharjah

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Addiction Counseling Program “Laest Wahdak”
The Addiction Counseling Program is a program specialized in dealing with the problems of substance abuse and psychotropic substances, addiction to them or related problems. It was established in 1429 AH. This center aims, through its objectives, to provide a distinguished counseling service that takes into account the specialized scientific aspects, whether these aspects are medical or psychological or social

Narcotics Control

Domestic & Sexual Violence

Charitable Society for Motherhood and Childhood in the Eastern Province 
Free legal advice services: This is represented in expressing a legal opinion by directing and guiding the seeker of advice to the legal and statutory rights and the procedures for obtaining them and writing case sheets, defense memoranda, objection regulations, and letters.

Child Support Line

Domestic abuse Helpline

Police Helpline

Mental Health Conditions & Family Support

Al Badiah Center for Free Family Counseling
011 2660008
Family Counseling Line

Al Shaqaiq Association in Jeddah 
It is a non-profit advisory center concerned with providing counseling services for women and girls in various fields (psychological – family – social – educational – family legal)

Association for Social Awareness and Rehabilitation (WA3I) - Center for Family Consultations 
011 4355050
Center for providing family consultations by phone

Asyeh Al Wakfiah 
Solve family and social problems by phone for those who are unable to come to the center.

Ayama Association for the Care of Widows and Divorced Wome 
Counseling and family reform

Binaa Family Counseling Association 
014 8443312
For family and psychological counseling

Binaa Family Counseling Association 
016 3347333
The association has allocated a special phone number for family, marital and educational counseling and family dispute resolution. It is supervised by a group of advisors and educators to answer consultations and inquiries in this field. Every Monday from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m

Charitable Association for Guidance and Family Development - Irshadi 
920 005970
Types of Consultation: Marriage counseling, psychological counseling, health counseling, intellectual counseling, general counseling

Charitable Society for Family Development in Duba - Meethaq 
014 4331443
Family Counseling Line

Charitable Association for Marriage and Family Development in Al Bukayriyah 
016 3363333
Family counseling line

Charitable Association to Facilitate Marriage and Family Care in Unayzah (Ta’alouf) 
016 3641230
Family counseling line

Charitable Association to Help Marriage and Family Care
012 7406669
Family Counseling Line

Elaf Center for Family Development in Al-Qunfudhah
Female Hotline:0502788866
Male Hotline:0507288866
Provides family, psychological, educational, social and marital counseling. From 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Eradah Complex For Mental Health - Dammam 
Psychological counseling phone, from Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm

Esllah Center for Family Development 
“Family”, “Educational” & “Psychological” Counseling We seek, through providing consultations, to contribute to solving family and societal problems through advanced methods and systems with the effort and experience of trusted and specialized counselors to achieve family happiness.

Etamen" Family Counseling Phone Program 
Al-Mawaddah Association for Family Development has provided an integrated electronic communication system that provides guidance service over the phone for a large number of contacts. The service is provided by family counselors specialized in social, educational, psychological and legal counseling, who were selected in accordance with the standards of the ethical and professional charter approved for the family counselor.

Family and Psychological Counseling Association in Makkah 
055 6701200
For family and psychological counseling

Family Counseling Center at Princess Noura University 
To provide psychological support to face the stresses, feelings of anxiety and fears that can result from the Corona crisis.

Family Development Association in Abha - Ershad 
For family counseling, call on Mondays and Tuesdays from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Family Development Association in Al Ahsa 
920 000900
The unified counseling phone in Saudi Arabia to help you with all family problems. The counseling phone is a service provided by the state to help solve family problems with parents, spouses or children.. The phone works all days of the week except Friday and Saturday from 4 to 9 pm

Family Development Association in Al Aflaj 
011 6822224
Counseling services to solve family and social problems

Family Development Association in Al Jowf - Tawad 
Family Counseling Line

Family Development Association in Al Mithnab 
053 7500110
Family Counseling Line

Family Development Association in Al Qurayyat “Osretna” 
014 6428181
The counseling phone, through the presence of elite family counselors, receives all counseling on the number (via WhatsApp only).

Family Development Association in Buraydah - Esaad center 
Marriage, psychological or educational telephone counseling

Family Development Association in Hail Wefaq 
It aims to solve family problems, whether marital, psychological or educational, with complete privacy and confidentiality

Family Development Association in Khafji
013 7670400
Family Counseling Line

Family Development Association in Mecca - Rafaa 
To provide solutions and assistance for psychological, social, educational and behavioral problems. Marital disputes of all kinds.

Family Development Association in Medina "Osraty" 
Family Counseling Line

Family Development Association “Msrah” in Bisha 
Providing educational, psychological, social and marital counseling services

Family Development Association (Sakan W Mawaddah) in Yanbu 
014 3960076
Family, psychological and social counseling

Family Development Association in the Eastern Province - Weaam 
Family Counseling Line

Family Development Association in Tabuk 
Family Counseling Line

Family Development Association in Zulfi - Aeelaty 
0164236699 Ext: 107
Educational, family and social counseling

Family Reform Center in Al-Badi’ah District
055 3992882
Offers marital and educational counseling

Family Reform Center in Al-Naseem Neighborhood
053 4003456
Offers marital and educational counseling

Family Reform Center in Al-Nazim and Al-Janadriyah
055 2850950
Family Counseling Line

Family Reform Center in Al Rayyan District 
055 7228225
Provides the necessary advice to contribute to solving family problems, over the phone.

Family Reform Center in Al-Safa district 
012 2890130
Family, Marriage, Social, Psychological & Educational counseling services

Family Reform Center in Al Safa District – Jeddah
012 2890130
Family Counseling Line

Family Reform Center in Al Swaidi District 
055 8989113
A center that cares about family reform and resolving marital, family, and social disputes, through a group of highly experienced and qualified reformers.

Family Reform Center in Badr and Al Shafa District
055 2293665
Offers marital and educational counseling

Family Reform Center in Irqah District
055 2974111
Free marriage counseling

Geras Center for Family Development in Doga
017 7460051
Family, Marriage, Psychological & Educational counseling services. Sunday to Wednesday from 5 to 7 pm

Ibn Baz Association for Family Development
0112297777 Ext: 601
Family Counseling Line

Ibn Baz Charitable Project
011 2297777
It includes the aspect of awareness, guidance and counseling for young people who are about to get married and who have started their married life. It provides advice, directions and solutions to many problems that threaten family life, such as marital disputes that often occur between spouses and may lead some to think about divorce to end this problem, stressing that this is done taking into account the complete privacy of the callers and the preservation of their personal secrets.

Isham Association for Social Guidance in Arar 
Family counseling line

Mahabbah Association for Family Development 
013 3480333
Family Counseling Line

Mawaddah Charitable Association to Reduce Divorce 
Family Counseling Line

Mental Health Service -Qareboon 
App aims to offer mental text counseling supervised by specialized staff. It also features an integrated library that contains countless information on mental health with the latest modern means and methods, such as text materials, infographics, and visual content (video).

Olfah Family Center 
Family, marital and psychological counseling line

Psychiatric Consultation Service 
The National Committee for Mental Health Promotion provides Psychiatric Consultations by phone to support patients and their families in coping with mental health disorders and/or difficulties, under the supervision mental health specialists. The call center operates on a daily 12-hour schedule from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (and from 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Saturdays).

Soada Association for Family Development in Majmaah Governorate 
055 4323366
Family Counseling Line

Taudud Association for Family Development in Khulais 
055 2282332
Giving advice and guidance to married and prospective married couples

The Committee of Social Development Community in Al-Rayyan 
The counseling phone is a free service that is carried out by a group of specialists on Wednesday of every week and takes care of family quarrels, alimony, Children’s visits, adolescence problems, aging problems, nursery, disobedience of children & psychological problems

The Marriage and Family Development Association in Taif 
012 7425265
Family, Marriage, Social, Psychological & Educational counseling services. Sunday to Thursday from 1 to 3 pm

Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City 
Free Phone Consultation with a psychologist

Specific Disorders

Center for Autism Research 
920012312 Ext.36701
Center for Autism Research including early intervention and rehabilitation, Training and workshops for parents and professionals

Saudi Elderly Support Organization - Waqar 
Counseling services over the phone for elderly

Youth & Parenting

Binaa Association for Family Counseling 
For family, psychological, Childhood and youth counseling

Family Development Association - Dammam 
Family, educational, psychological and addiction counseling

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