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Suicide & Crisis Lines

Happy KP 
The helpline aims to provide confidential support over phone, email, video, and chat, and will organize team events, and one-to-one counseling.

Youth Help Line Network Project 
The purpose of the project is the provision of a secure and confidential gateway for young people to access information regarding problems associated with adolescence particularly regarding reproductive health issues and to provide counseling and guidance to those who seek help.

Online Therapy

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Domestic & Sexual Violence

Madadgar National Helpline 
The toll free helpline number is accessible 24/7 for women experiencing violence and people who want to report GBV in their vicinity.

Ministry of Human Rights Helpline 
The helpline was developed as a kind of online guideline for women and children during lockdown and has been around since then for counseling and help of any kind.

Punjab Women Development Department 
The Punjab Women’s Toll-Free Helpline is available 24/7. It is managed and supervised by PCSW, and consists of all women call-agents, three legal advisors, supervisors, and management staff to address your inquiries and complaints.

Rozan Counseling Helpline 
Rozan Counseling Help Line provided non-judgmental and confidential space to young people, women, and children where they can call and share their concerns related to emotional, sexual, reproductive health, violence against women, and girls and child sexual abuse.

White Ribbbon Pakistan
White Ribbon Pakistan’s mission is to sensitize men, by teaching and engaging them actively through continuous campaigning across all mediums, to stop all types all violence against women.

Mental Health Conditions & Family Support

Child Protection and Welfare Bureau 
To provide safe heaven to destitute, neglected, abused, and run away children where they are provided with shelter, education, and protection with an emphasis on turning them into useful and productive members of the society. Psychological counseling is provided to children and their parents both in individual and group form.

Project Yaqeen 
92 042-37802445
Project Yaqeen aims to bridge the gap between ethical, transparent, professional, and accountable practices in Pakistan and those that need help supporting their mental health. Project Yaqeen also aims to provide awareness about mental health issues prevalent in the context of Pakistan.

Relieve Now 
RelieveNow provides virtual and affordable counselling, therapy, and psychiatric consultation services.

Sehat Yab 
SehatYab provides online video consultations with therapists in Pakistan. You can have live video calls whether you are in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad, or anywhere else.

Sindh Mental Health Authority Helpline 
The helpline has been established to combat the psychological crisis that emerged amongst the coronavirus outbreak.

Umang Helpline 
Umang is Pakistan’s very own 24/7 mental health helpline which is totally free of cost. They are trying to break the taboo associated with mental health by spreading awareness nation-wide. Their team includes 140 professional individuals who are working towards helping people suffering from mental health problems.

Umang Helpline 
The helpline is run by 200 GCP certified clinical psychologists, having completed a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. Umang provides 24/7 support through their mental health helpline.

Willing Ways 
The team can provide urgent help to people who are experiencing a psychiatric emergency at home, by offering instant intervention services and resourceful support until stabilization.

Sexual Health and Pregnancy

Punjab Youth Helpline 
The Punjab Youth Helpline works on issues related to the emotional, psychological, and reproductive health of adolescents. The team consists of clinical psychologists and career counselors.

Online Counseling

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