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Suicide et lignes de crise

Mental Health Awareness 
+237 6 79 11 78 89
Mental Health Awareness Cameroon is an organization with the goal to provide mental health awareness

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Abus d'alcool et de substances

Living Vine Mental Health Clinic 
+237 677931232
Living Vine provides treatments with proven effectiveness following rehabilitation model involving medication management and exercises such as performing activities of daily Living (ADL) for persons with mental illnesses/substance abuse

Les violence Domestique et Sexuelle

Beacon of Light Association -BeLA 
+237 677 93 91 77
BeLA is on a mission to promote and protect the rights of women and youth while leveraging capacity development and sports to rescue, transform and engage stakeholders to build better and safer communities.

Hope for the Abused and Battered - H4AB 
+237 6 72 57 60 11
Hope for the Abused and Battered Association, created to give hope, share love, empathy and offer all the support we can.

International Federation of Women Lawyers Cameroon 
(237) 2333 25 17
(237) 233 33 15 50
FIDA Cameroon is a federation of international female lawyers, with the vision for society to be free of violence and discrimination against women and girls.

The Hope Center Cameroon 
+237 6 71 76 72 00
The Hope Center is an organization which seeks to rehabilitate girls and
women who have suffered or are suffering from domestic violence, to bring out the worth in them and empower them to be strong women who can actively contribute to their personal development and the development of their communities/societies.

Les Problèmes de santé mentale et Soutien Familial

Démystification de la Maladie Mentale 
+237 6 74 00 39 87
Notre objectif est d’éduquer la population sur les problèmes de santé mentale, réduisant ainsi les idées fausses à l’origine de nombreux conflits familiaux, de conseiller et d’orienter ceux qui ont be

PsyCare and Counselling Cameroon 
+237 6 77 78 64 98
A Cameroonian page for Psychological, Behavioural, Educational and Career Counselling services, Mental Health awareness and Research.

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