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Suicide & Crisis Lines

Emergency Call Centre
covers all emergency services, i.e. fire, police, and ambulance

Police hotline

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Domestic & Sexual Violence

Aisha Yateem Family Counseling Center 
Providing immediate counseling to battered women by calling the toll-free hotline

Child Helpline
A service to receive calls to report exposure to children of violence or abuse, and the line receives calls by the child or others about exposure to violence, abuse or danger, and it also provides counseling and active listening service and referring to the concerned authorities when needed So. Providing a psychological and social support by phone to the child.

“Dar Al-Aman” Service” & Child Protection Centre
For women & children experience a domestic violence

Family Protection

Shamsaha MENA 
Shamsaha provides 24/7 telephone and in-person support for victims of domestic and sexual violence, free and confidential. We offer medium and long term case work care for women who need ongoing services. We educate the community through outreach and training programs.

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Taafi Drug Recovery Association 
Giving advice on how to properly deal with an addict.

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