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Suicide & Crisis Lines

Kaan Pete Roi
24/7 (Grammenphone):
<a “telno” href=”tel:01779554391″>01779554391
<a “telno” href=”tel:01779554392″>01779554392

Kaan Pete Roi
24/7 (Airtel):
<a “telno” href=”tel:01688709965″>01688709965
<a “telno” href=”tel:01688709966″>01688709966

Kaan Pete Roi
24/7 (Bangalink):
<a “telno” href=”tel:01985275286″>01985275286

Kaan Pete Roi
24/7 (Robi):
<a “telno” href=”tel:01852035634″>01852035634

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Domestic & Sexual Violence

Helpline on Violence Against Women and Children
<a “telno” href=”tel:10921″>10921