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Suicide & Crisis Lines

24/7 Police Helpline

24/7 Ambulance Helpline

Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital – Dubai

Rashid Hospital – Dubai
04 2192000

UAE Suicide Prevention (exclusive for Indian Expats)
800 46342

Online Therapy

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Alcohol & Substance Abuse

ACA Dubai (Adult Children of Alcoholics®/ Dysfunctional Families)
050 457 2564
Adult Children of Alcoholics is an anonymous program of women and men who grew up in alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional homes. We meet with each other in a mutually respectful, safe environment and acknowledge our common experiences. We take positive action by practising the Twelve Steps and focusing on The Solution. We find freedom from the past and a way to improve our lives today.

Al-Anon Family Group – United Arab Emirates
055 118 8532
Al-Anon is a group for people who are worried about someone with a drinking problem; who gather together to share experience, strength and hope with each other. It was started in the USA in the late 1930s and has since spread to different countries in the world. Al-Anon is non-religious, non-political and multi-racial. Al-Anon is available, free of charge, to anyone who is or has been affected by someone else’s drinking, including adult children of alcoholics, parents, partners, spouses, other relatives and friends of alcoholics.

Alateen Family Support Groups
052 268 9042
Young people aged 8-19 who have been affected by someone else’s drinking are invited to share experience, strength and hope with each other.

Narcotics Anonymous – United Arab Emirates
Female Helpline:
050 110 6898

Male Helpline:
This Program is intended as assistance for every addict seeking recovery. We have found a way to live without using drugs, and we are happy to share it with anyone for whom drugs have become a problem.

Domestic & Sexual Violence

24/7 Abu Dhabi Police through their Aman service
800 2626

24/7 Dubai Police through their Aman service
800 4888

24/7 Labor Complaints Helpline
800 5005

24/7 Sharjah Police through their Najeed service
800 151
the public can contact the police about any criminal activity or any type of illegal activities through the service without the fear of repercussions as their identity and the nature of the tipoff would not be divulged. For instance, the victims of assault can now call the police secretly for help. It will also exempt the caller from any criminal responsibility.For incidents related to harassment or safety.

Aman Centre for Women and Children through RAK Police
072 356 666

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC)

P.O. Box 97727 Dubai,United Arab Emirates

Dubai Police-Control Center of Human Trafficking
02 6082347

EWA’A (Hotline for human trafficking issues)
800 7283

Himaya Foundation for Children and Women – Ajman
800 446 292
Himaya Foundation for Women and Children aims to spread a culture of understanding, tolerance, dialogue and partnership at the family and community levels, and raise awareness to reduce violence, enhance dialogue between individuals, and intervene to ensure protection, justice and dignity for women and children victims of violence.

Ministry of Community Development – Federal
800 623

Social Support Center – Abu Dhabi/Fedaral
02 402 8263

UAE National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking
02 2222000

Women’s Protection Center in Sharjah
800 800700

Mental Health Conditions & Family Support

Taalouf family counseling free phone line
The line is staffed by specialized consultants that propose solutions to family issues and advise callers how to maintain positive relations within the family. The service is available to all members of the public without distinction.

The Unified Family Counselling Portal 
The portal includes 5 basic consulting services, which are: family counseling, social counseling, psychological counseling and legal consultations. The submitted requests are categorized as follows: requesting immediate consultation, requesting visual consultation, requesting direct communication with the consultant.