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The Best BetterHelp Therapists for 2023 by State

Each month we update our list of the best BetterHelp therapists by state. The list is based on reviews and availability. Simply choose your state to get started:

Why You Should Choose Your Own Therapist on BetterHelp

One of the coolest hacks we know for BetterHelp is how to choose your therapist for yourself instead of letting the algorithm choose for you.

In our personal testing of BetterHelp, we weren’t that impressed with their algorithm or our initial therapist “matches.” We had much better results when we did our own research and chose for ourselves.

That said, many people who use BetterHelp are happy with the first therapist the site matches them with. Most therapists are well-equipped to address a range of therapy needs. Whether you need someone more specialized than the average therapist depends on how niche your needs are.

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